boobs per minute.

How many boobs you see on a set time scale.
At mardi gras I was seeing at least 5 bpm.
by slipknottin March 23, 2011
Beer Pong Master.... enough said
Matt is the BPM
by karamanos February 03, 2010
Bi Polar Moment
Everyone was relaxing at the house party the other night until Lisa started freaking out - she was having another BPM!
by TheCraw2 September 11, 2009
Big Penis Man.
BPM, you know what it do.
by BPM ya? November 08, 2010
An energy drink that could make you hyper, seem more awesome, and tastes pretty damn good too :D
"Yum, I love the green BPM it tastes so darn good!"
by VampireFuckingZozo April 12, 2010
Bag Pula-n Mata (romanian insult)
Bag pula-n mata ba pisatule.
by Slash February 03, 2005
"Bro"'s Per Minute

How often someone says the word "Bro".
See also: "douchebagnitude"
by Cory Price April 29, 2005

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