Been Posted Before
to note that pictures or links were previously posted.
this pic has BPB.
oh shit.
by WLYRBYSDB January 01, 2011
Any woman, of legal age, that by virtue of her less than impressive looks, warrants the use of a Brown Paper Bag when taking her out in public, or in times of close intimate relations.
WOW, I haven't seen Cheryl since high school, and I see she has turned into a perfect BPB. UGH, she's got a face that could stop a clock!
by Teh B.A.D. 1 April 22, 2008
An Acronym for a Queens New York street crew made up of Bloods and Colombians and dudes that chill with Bloods.
Who u gets down with homie? BpB!
by colomBian September 25, 2006
Broke people budget
"Hey let's go out tonight!"
"Sure man just remember I'm on that bpb!"
by lexbroo February 25, 2015
Blue Peter Badge, often used sarcastically in response to a triflingly small achievement.
A: Awesome! I just lvld up from 4-5!

B: <sarcastically> Wow, great you win a BPB.

A: I have been shown.
by el dddddddd January 23, 2007
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