A noise that is often heard from a fat Turkish man when experiencing sexual pleasure. Prounounced; booj!
by GypsyChild May 18, 2009
Bolish for "bullshit"
BOUCHE! TON DESAG STRYUMS. (bullshit, you don't own a penis)
by Bola March 30, 2003
n. Fellatio; oral stimulation of the penis. Also, head, brain.
Man, your sister gives some good bouche.
by Melvin0987 April 10, 2007
An expert forecaster. One who forecasts with accuracy.
The weatherman on channel 9 is always right, he's a real bouche.
by kymac February 08, 2006
a word meaning "I hate you"
HA! I beat you to my house
God! You are such a bouche
by MRRR July 25, 2005
when you see a woman and you think shes so gorgeous that you get a hard on. But when she turns around you discover that she is so damn ugly you instantly lose your stiffy.
rebby - yo check that girl out.
Aaron - yeah man shes hot!!
*seconds later*
Both- "AWWWwww shit BOUCHE!!!"
by Rebello July 18, 2005
In Bolish: Bullshit.
In French: Mouth.
In English: A ROM hacker who can do anything with a game's music and needs to work on TrackDES Advance.
That's bouche! Shut your bouche, Bouche!
by Hyper January 27, 2004

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