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"Blog of the month" commonly used in Tumblr for promoting others tumblr's. When someone is a BOTM they are featured on the hosts blog for well, a month. There is also "BOTW" which is "Blog of the Week"
Can you vote for me at kidsofthesunshines's botm?
by Tumblrrrrr June 14, 2012
30 0
Acronym for "bitch of the moment." Used to refer to the current partner of a promiscuous male. A man's botm will change frequently, and the relationship is often purely sexual.
I heard Nick's botm gives great head.
by 00leica October 06, 2009
10 13
Boner Of The Month
she's the boner of the month,totally BOTM
by wood pile January 19, 2010
5 12
Bitch of the moment. Used to describe the partner of a friend who is notorious for hitting it, and subsequently quitting it shortly thereafter.
"Hey, have you seen Travis's BotM?"
"Yeah, she's a total slut, just like the other three this week,"
by Grabby October 06, 2009
4 11