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"Blog of the month" commonly used in Tumblr for promoting others tumblr's. When someone is a BOTM they are featured on the hosts blog for well, a month. There is also "BOTW" which is "Blog of the Week"
Can you vote for me at kidsofthesunshines's botm?
by Tumblrrrrr June 14, 2012
Acronym for "bitch of the moment." Used to refer to the current partner of a promiscuous male. A man's botm will change frequently, and the relationship is often purely sexual.
I heard Nick's botm gives great head.
by 00leica October 06, 2009
Boner Of The Month
she's the boner of the month,totally BOTM
by wood pile January 19, 2010
Bitch of the moment. Used to describe the partner of a friend who is notorious for hitting it, and subsequently quitting it shortly thereafter.
"Hey, have you seen Travis's BotM?"
"Yeah, she's a total slut, just like the other three this week,"
by Grabby October 06, 2009

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