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Someone who looks strong on the outside, but is actually Bitch On The Inside.
Jeremy White is mad BOTI.
by Benzilla August 16, 2009
Blond On The InSide.

A brunette who displays blond tendincies & obviously is a blond at heart.

Same as a '(crunchie)' but more of a technical name.
The brunette says to her friend, "So... saliva isn't a contraception then?"
Her friend than replys with, "You Botis."
by Em.* July 11, 2005
It's is a short form for Based On True Incident.
Whenever something worth talking about occurs in your presence and you tell it to your friends online, the word is used.
He slipped on a banana peel today.
by vclegendary December 28, 2011
Kannada slang for intestines
Nin boti etthisthin. Hushar. (Beware I will have your intestines removed- typical rowdy threat)
by Babuji007 May 31, 2008
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