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Stands for Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution, an all acoustic band started by Tomas Kalnoky. They currently have one self released EP, entitled "A Call to Arms" which contains five songs: a cover of "Dear Sergio" by Catch 22, "Here's to Life" by Streetlight Manifesto, and originals. There were few copies available, and they quickly sold out. The MP3's of the songs are available on their site for free, but there is some cool exclusive material for those who grabbed hold of the EP. For this first EP, there were 14 members in the band.

Nick Afflitto - Trumpet
Marcy Ciuffreda - Cello
Jamie Egan - Trombone
Rachel Goldstein - Vocals, Viola
Layton Hayes - Piano
Achilles Kalnoky - Violin
Tomas Kalnoky - Vocals, Guitar
Paul Lowndes - Drums
Chris Paszik - Upright Bass
Mark Rendeiro - French Horn
Dan Ross - Bari/Alto Sax
Pete Sibilia - Tenor Sax
Shane Thomson - Congas, Timbales
Natalia Ushak - Vocals

Streetlight Manifesto, Tomas' main act, occasionally plays BOTAR songs live. BOTAR is currently working on a new release, possibly full length, entitled "99 Songs of the Revolution." Much is unknown about this ensemble, as few information is given away on their website. The ensemble is always changing, and you can sign up for an audition with the band on their website.
"BOTAR is probably one of the coolest acoustic bands around."
by R.P.M. November 08, 2005
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