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"Beat Off, Pass Out"; To masturbate aggressively to the point of exhaustive ejaculation and enjoying a heavy nap immediately after said self-pleasure.
Example 1:

Me: "Looks like I have the afternoon off, think I might BOPO."

Example 2:

Student 1: "This class blows, I stayed up all night doing that paper!"

Student 2: "Sounds like you could use some nice BOPO."

Student 1: "No doubt, Bro."

Example 3:

Taylor was upset to find her boyfriend, Austin, had already BOPO'd on the couch when she got home from work because for once she didn't "have a headache."
by WhackShackWilly October 06, 2011
Blacked out piece of shit. A person who drinks to the point where theyre memory shuts down and then completes several actions not capable of sober humans.

See hofbrohaus.
Man after that nep broke the beer pong table with his head we knew he was a true bopos.
by Freit house January 02, 2009
Pronounced "boe-poe". The sequence of blacking out followed by passing out as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.
"I don't know what happened last night. I B.O.P.O.'d around 12:30."
by Brandon Nance February 16, 2009
Acronym for black out pass out; a level of drunk where you have no consciousness and keep passing out.
I was bopo last night and woke up in my neighbor's tree house.
by Archand April 22, 2009
A bopo is a sexy girl
Julia Robertson is a bopo
by hughheffner March 21, 2008
New term for the Boston Police coined by a "clever gal".
BoPo pulled me over for a broken headlight.
by 1nuadd February 03, 2010
verb; Bend Over and Poke it Out!
Jon: that girl just loves to bopo!
Jake: i know!
by mikeholmes November 07, 2007
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