the act of consuming drugs wrapped in a rizla.

normally, cocaine, heroin or amphetamines but can also apply to any drug ingested using this method.
aight, we's got all the makin's, time to go bombing.

(followed by ingestion of drugs wrapped in a rolling paper)
by clartz0r January 03, 2006
When you're peaking on adderall, usually during about a 6-13 hour "trip" that has no real "high" but warps your perception, makes you extremely energetic, makes the idea of eating completely disgusting, and you sit there and talk for hours on end as the hours meld together.
*insert random adderall rant here*
I'm totalllllllllly bombing dude!!!!
*insert random adderall rant here*

You know you're bombing when a nice sitdown of calculus sounds like a wonderful idea. So much yummy math!

That kid sitting over there totally talking that guy's ear off is bombing hard man!!
by project2chaos March 13, 2010
1) To fail to be funny, as in a stand up comic or SNL host.

2) A dangerous sport invented in New Zealand, which involves running into automotive traffic with the intention of forcing motorists to brake to avoid hitting you, the goal being to piss them off as much as possible without getting hurt.
1) "You're bombing, Luke (Perry)! I'm the only thing that's getting you laughs! The old Star Wars gag, Luke! You must use the Force to win the audience back!"

2) "We're gonna go hit the pubs and go out bombing!"
by Danny Delinquent March 04, 2004
The act of driving extremely fast, on a not so fast street. Usually around 25 mph streets, you will go 80-100 mph. Bombing requires excellent knowledge of the street, knowing that no cops will be around, and knowing that no other cars or pedestrians will be there.

PS Very fun to do while crunked.
Yo my dad left the beamer at home for the weekend, get the radar detector and let's go bombing.
by DanS54321 July 15, 2005
Born in Internet chat groups. Making prank calls to police and fire to respond to some made up emergency such as a hostage situation. Sometimes done to get back at someone. Sometimes done to see who can get the most police and fire to respond.
Ward told police she made the hoax call, known as "bombing" in some Internet circles, as part of a phone chat game.
by pedicabber April 17, 2005
The art of going down on a member of the opposite sex.
"I was bombing her for hours last night"
by Slan July 20, 2005
smashing an alcoholic drink against the table. these "smashes" get more and more violent as the drinker gets more and more drunk.
sake bombing (putting a shot of sake on top of chopsticks on top of a mug of beer and smashing it against the table)
by xsxs May 23, 2005
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