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A BODAMS is a person who excels in everything. They are normally geeks or swats, however it can be used if someone has got a high grade in a subject.
person1: hey guess what
person2: wot
person1: i just got 90% in my english exam
person2: you BODMAS!!!
by Elizabeth Drake July 18, 2006
The order, in mathematics, of precedence of operations:
Brackets, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction.

So 3 + (3 * 4)

Often used as a dumbed down version of PEMDAS. Quite widely used in the British OCR GCSE mathematics course.

Very much different to ordered precedence, whereby the equation is processed in order of writing.
Using BODMAS, 3 + 8 * 2 = 19
Using ordered precedence, 3 + 8 * 2 = 22

This can be fixed using brackets, (3 + 8) * 2 = 22
by Burningmace July 16, 2006
Sometimes written as Bodmas, BODMAS or BODMAS. Refers to both the original group, the "Crap band with a crap website -" and any band which doesn't really play any music.
Person 1: "I saw BODMAS play last night!"
Person 2: "You actually saw BODMAS play?"
Person 1: "No, but then I am a compulsive liar"
Person 2: "Really?"
Person 1: "No."
by Pete March 17, 2005
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