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An acronym rapidly growing in popularity. Short for Bitches Need Slappin.
(Zach)Man, my girl is actin a fool. (Paul) Yeah man, I'm tellin ya, BNS.
by Tom B White March 06, 2006
Noun. An acronym for the phrase 'Boys and shit' most notably used by J-Roc of the Trailer Park Boys.

Usually refers to a close friendship between 2 or more people who tend to hang together often.
"Hey! I thought we were BNS!" - Guy 1
"Yeah man, don't even worry, we're BNS!" - Guy 2

"I gotta bring that guy 'cause we BNS." - Guy 1 referring to who he's BNS with
by Trabajo de los Manos November 06, 2011
Pro-noun. Bitch Nigga Syndrome. A disease acquired via genetics or social affiliation, that inhabits the trait of being a straight up Bitch Nigga.
Thelma slapped Alexs left nut, and Alex didnt even do, he must have BNS
by Risky Escobar December 10, 2010
Big Nipple Syndrome
"Hey, oh know whats happened to your nipples"
"Ah i have BNS"
by RichyyMayte June 06, 2009
acronymn for "Butt Nut Space"; the space between your butt and your nuts.
"Kiss my BNS!!"
by Acht2 July 23, 2009
Brief Nasal Snort. Used in place of LOL to show what you actually did in front of your computer, reading your IM/blog comments/forums.
<Charlie> Why did the chicken cross the road?
<James> Because he was high and told old jokes until his friends blocked him from MSN?
<Charlie> BNS, no
by caveman-jim August 22, 2007
BNS, acronym for 'Big Nigga Syndrome'. BNS is when you sweat for no reason, without making any movement or anything.
Friend 1 - "Dude, why did you play basketball before the wedding?"

Friend 2 - "Bro I didn't play today, I think I have BNS again
by El Tipo Bacano December 29, 2011

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