When you shit in your hand and then Fist a girl in the ass.
"I was tappin some skanky ass last night and then gave her a BnM"

"even after giving that skank the minivan, she was still begging for a BnM."
by bad doc August 24, 2008
Bund Nai Maari. Mainly used in hindi-punjabi spoken region.
used as "(I)don't give a damn" in punjabi. Originated in Thapar University by 2008-12 batch.
Popa : hey dude, lets prepare for tomorrow's exam , it'll decide our future.
birju : abey... BNM!! \m/
by BrijThapar October 01, 2012
Best New Music, referencing the designation Pitchfork gives to new albums and singles they deem the best (usually 8.0+ out of 10).
holy shit this new Lil B is based as fuck 9.6 BNM
by JeromesNiece November 13, 2013
Said "B-N-M." Short for "bitches and moans." Can be used as a verb as well: "B-n-d-ed"
Then she went off and BNM-ed about the legislation for five minutes.
by DCintern June 17, 2010
Stands for Beer 'n Meat (Beer and Meat).
It is the typical meal on a beach or during summer. Large quantities of both are preferred.
"We're having BnM on the beach."
by the_obs December 27, 2009

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