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an abbreviation for "boats n' hoes". It is a reference to the iconic movie Step Brothers (2008) and their ... interesting... first song for Prestige Worldwide.
Ex. "Boats n' hoes (BNH) gotta have me my boats n' hoes." - Dale on Step Brothers
by wifipirate October 22, 2011
An abreviation for butt nakid hoes.
Hey Brian, where the bnh's at?
by Mad Dasher December 12, 2006
An acronym for Bringing Niall* Home

*Niall Horan, member of the British Boy Band, One Direction
uGHH i wish i had a boyfriend, i just want 2 bnh!!!!!1
And show him to my muM!!!
by mmmwhatchuusayyy September 09, 2012
Back Neck Hickey - the first thing you say when your mum sees your new tattoo on the back of your neck.
"it's not a tattoo mum! it's a BNH!!"
by Bronman & Juicy March 28, 2008
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