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Not just a band, thats been done before... its more like an international music corporation.

They are currently running karoake night at 6 bars... their motto is "if you can't sing, just sit down"
"We gotta hit the beat laboratory"

"I feel like a lightning bolt, just hit the tip of my penis" - Brennan Huff on Prestige Worldwide.
by prestige worldwide2 August 29, 2009
From the 2008 comedy film 'Stepbrothers' starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. Ferrell and Reilly's characters create an "international global band" called Prestige Worldwide. The film and term have since gained a cult following
Let's make a band, but don't give it an ordinary name, it'll be called Prestige Worldwide
by BigDave853 August 05, 2013
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