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an acronym for BITING MY LIPS .
when i have a test i have to bml in order to reduce test anxiety .
by yoboyjay April 01, 2010
Biting My Lips: An expression used to either make yourself seem reaaaally sexy online or to just show that you're really irritated with an obvious idiotic statement, but too nice to say anything; Usually accompanied by the emotion " :/ "
Dude 1: I totally just saw this one girl that was def into me!
Dude 2: But she wasn't even talking to you; She was talking to me..
Dude 1: Nah! She just wanted to get closer to me.
Dude 2: bml
by dapurplesharpie November 22, 2009
It means "Blog My Life"
When you write about your stressful, crazy, confusing, or crappy life in online blog entries. Usually to get out the frustration or anger somewhere safe (there's an oxymoron, safe internet.)
A BML would look like:

"I was so upset when he didn't ask me out last night.
He sounded like he was going to and then...
Nothing! Ah!"

Used in Conversation:

"What a crazy day, thank god it's over! When I get home I'm going to bml."
by holyfrikkincrap June 04, 2009
This is short for blow my life. This is used when something happens that upsets or makes you angry
boyfriend: "Hey baby, Can i come over today."
girlfriend: "No my parents are gonna be home."
boyfriend: "BML."
by mizzkriis March 31, 2009
Stands for "Be My Lover"

-"someone rate my picture"

by Geese_boy October 29, 2006
A small creature generally found belonging to a Citz.
I found me a BML the other day.
by L.J. September 16, 2003