an acronym for BITING MY LIPS .
when i have a test i have to bml in order to reduce test anxiety .
by yoboyjay April 01, 2010
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Bless my life.
The polar opposite of FML.
Be happy!
"Thank God I have food, water, and shelter. BML" Bill said.

"Man this chipotle sure is good... BML" Mike exclaimed.
by Shri & Obi March 30, 2009
Stands for Bitch My Life, a commonly used expression to express any emotion, such as anger, depression, stress, or arousment.
Ginger: I have a english essay due tomorrow that I haven't started. BML.
Girl #2: Don't worry, I'll bitch it, I'll bitch it real good.

Ginger: Oh god, BML, that poodle is staring at me.
Girl #2: BML, I'm so aroused!
by GingerPoodleLover December 05, 2009
Biting my lip *BML

Mostly used on twitter
u look good *Bml mhhh
by Biting my lip January 21, 2012
Acronym : bite my lip

Used at time when something makes you want to bite your lip.
OMG. He's so adorable, smh bml cute.
by vocabuless September 03, 2010
Badass Motherfucking Luna, 'nuff said.
Damn dude, look at that kid, pretty BML
by LePseudonym July 06, 2012
Abbreviation of "be my lover?"
Contains one person who may
find the other person attractive
and will say "BML?" to hope for their
Ricky Says:
"OMG, Kathy, you're so stunning BML?!"
Kathy Says:
"YEAAHH! <33<3<33 LUV LUV LUV."
OR she says:
"NO fuck you you tool."
by TheAshleeMONSTERZ October 13, 2008
Bore me later
John: "Check out my Xbox achievements, I'm the Achievement King!"

Mikey: "BML, John"
by Mikey Broomers July 17, 2009

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