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An acronym for "Bhad Mein Jao" widely used by South Asians when they don't have any suitable response for something, means "Go To Hell." Or "Get The Fuck Over" in some cases.

boy: love me pliss.
girl: BMJ.
by RudeBox April 20, 2009
BMJ is when you get a blowjob from someone who has TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint) disorder.
The "popping" noise of the jaw common for individuals suffering from TMJ help stimulate through small vibration and pleasurable sounds to quickly bring about orgasm.

BMJ is an enhanced blow job.
by "Bob" B. Dickenson September 29, 2009
Burning my Jews
Dan: Hey Thomas, what are you doing this weekend?

Thomas: Nothing much, just bmj.

Dan: Oh, have fun!
by niggynig May 14, 2015
Bang my jack. Usually when someone want's people to hit him/her up via text or calling.
What are you doing after work? Idk bmj when I get off.
by v0lc0m0123 May 29, 2011
Bird Man Junior, Lil weezy we need some water on the track fresh for all this flame
Bird Man Junior, get down stay down lay down an lie down bitch ass nigga
by KigamKcalb17 February 05, 2005

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