BushMan's Hankie

An Australian term for when one decides to blow there nose without the use of a tissue or hankie(handkerchief).

A common Australian term which is is not abbreviated as commonly and evolving from the fact the Aussie bushman did not need trivial things such as handkerchiefs to survive and blow snot in the outback.
Need to blow my nose... Might just rock a bmh!
by Enus. P. Enusberg September 15, 2007
BMH is an acronym for Bless My Hustle. The phrase is inspired from the lyrics, “bless my hustle berries” from M.I.A.’s Paper Planes Remix.

‘Hustle’ is a contemporary/hip hop term that taken literally, means doing something illegal to make money, including but not limited to laundering money, selling drugs, and ‘popping a cap in someone’s ass’ to steal from them. The word has now evolved to become more of an all purpose term meaning to do things to get closer to your personal aim. It suggests an entrepreneurial type job or service.

Another variation is ‘E-hustle’ which according to it's definition here on Urban Dictionary means: "Aggressive entrepreneurial pursuit; moving, shaking, sharing, selling, promoting, using the web as the platform for diverse forms of commerce and communication while maintaining social responsibility."

'Bless My Hustle' then is quite literally a plea for blessing on one's journey to success.
1. I'm launching my new website tonight! BMH!
2. Interviewing for a new job. BMH.
3. On my grind writing this paper. BMH.
by MonicaBMH December 05, 2010

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