bad mouth
Person 1: Hey dude I went on your account last night
Person 2: I hope I don't get banned...
Person 1: Sorry bro I BM like crazy..
by aDoctorOctopus February 12, 2012
Baby momma
I'll call you back, my BM just got here
by draculasBM November 22, 2010
What you call your baby mama when you're too mad to even call her baby mama.
Man now my BM even has my mom on her side. Females, smh.
by Felicia93 January 19, 2015
Short for BMW
Mostly used in rap songs.
"Officer Bird's on his way, and I don't wanna see him
could you please give me the keys to the BM?
See, I didn't want to gank you
but don't make me bank you, thank you
Tried to get yo the hood, and you might guess
that a fool like me woulda shot Cyrus
Incognito, Ghetto Eagle
Saying, "Fuck, where did he go?"
I bust me a left from Rubellon. Park
The 735 and I'm bailin"

ghetto bird - ice tea
by AlphaQ May 08, 2006
1. Bad manner. The opposite of GM, and most often used in reference to online gamers. Generally refers to someone who is acting like a dipshit, or cheating.

2. Black mage. A lovable psycopathic killer who stars in 8-bit-theater.
1. Don't play with him, he's a BM maphacker.

2. The only reason BM kills children and lets their parents live, is to be excesively cruel.
by bonekill January 07, 2005
Used commonly in online games such as StarCraft, WarCraft, etc.

BM is used when someone is of repeated annoyance and uses such bad language such as "Fuck you", "Damn you", "Shut the fuck up", "Go slit yourself", etc. etc.
In most cases people like this usually need a good kick and a warning.
Gosh, John is so BM. Yesterday he was observing one of my games and he went a fucking nuke rush on me...that is so BM..

Other Guy: Yeah, let's ban him from our channel cause he's done that to me and like 5 other people.
by Frank G. November 20, 2004
banky's mom
looks like BM just got here
by tr0llm4st3r152 April 26, 2011

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