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When you here a loud noise LIKE BLOOSH!
Damn... Gil you HAD A LOUD BLOOSH
by Kelvin Lin May 12, 2003
4 9
The sound that fat makes.
Oh god, Randy, tuck your fat back in, I can hear it blooshing from all the way across the room! Get the goddamned donut out of your mouth and do a sit-up, for Chrissakes.
by IcedWater May 26, 2007
17 6
A word to say when something unexpected happens. Another word to say instead of fuck, shit, damn. A better word to say when you are around adults.
Taylor: "Look out for that bee!"
Debanhi: "BLOOSH!!"
by Shamika Deward April 13, 2011
4 1
n. The sweat that appears under fat peoples man boobs and fat rolls.
"Dude, look at that chubby bubby... his shirt is covered in bloosh."

"Wow, it must be a sauna inside that shirt with all that bloosh soaking everything."

-"That guy's shirt got darker over the course of the day... WTF?"
-"It's all the bloosh he's making under there. If you wanted you could bottle it and sell it in stores."
-"I would totally buy that."
-"Thats sick, Trevor."
by iheartsmesumBigMacs November 02, 2010
5 5
A word that means blood gushing out of the pinkie toe yet covered by a thin layer of skin. Also known to drive Izzy insane.
Emy - "hey izzy!"
Izzy - "yeah?"
Emy - "BLOOSH!!"
Izzy - " AHHHHHH!!! EWWWWW!!!!"
by emis October 19, 2006
4 15