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1. Bladder AIDS
2. Bacterial lesions accidental infectious death syndrome
My friend Carrie needs a bladder transplant, she has BLAIDS.
by batherton June 18, 2009
To get blaid is to get both blazed (high) and laid at the same time.
I wanted to get blaid real bad, so I rolled up a blunt and called over Susie Q.
by BAGbc September 02, 2013
blad pronounced in a funny accent.
'oi blaid seit mei yow phowne or you geit blaypse! '
by Loop (Yik) March 07, 2005
The black version of aids. Once a person infected with jungle fever gets his or her fix, he/she contracts the blaids virus. If he/she spreads the virus to another non-black person, that person contracts secondhand blaids. (the less dangerous version that can be defeated by approximately 19 herps (depends on the herp's standing with the dollar))
Justin's girlfriend just came off a terrible case of jungle fever. Justin has blaids.
by blaisen44 April 14, 2009

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