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Someone that you are essentially obsessed with; the love of your life
As Leslie was talking to Miley her BKB walked by looking damn good!
by Karen Smith May 08, 2008
46 12
The borough of Brooklyn, New York City. (African-American slang). Shortened to "the BK."
Shoutin out the BK-B.
by matt August 24, 2003
9 5
booty kissing boy who takes women into realms of pleasure while making them laugh , which causes them to lose all self control. See: mushy mushy
the bkb went all night long!
by Flamenheart June 25, 2004
19 22
the initals of the original real live A Brad
BKB must have a list of honeys waiting in the wings..but he aint saying, Yo.
by Rita June 24, 2004
7 20
fuck all o these other definitions. they re wrong. bkb is da name of a dj/rapper, n the name is already taken.
DJ BkB was tearin up in the club las nite w/ his beats
by rasmans May 12, 2006
5 32