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To "blame it on bush." Generally used to blame current problems on the former George W. Bush presidency.
Guy 1: Another ten thousand gallons an hour what the fuck??

Guy 2: BIOB man
#bush #shitty presidents #current issues #gw #george
by JJHOUSEE June 30, 2010
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Bring It On Bitch!

Spoken in an argument between foes.

If ones foe was to utter a threat (for example 'I will ruin you like Blair ruined Chuck Bass') one could utter 'BIOB' in response, giving one the upperhand in any disagreement.

Can also be used in the adjective form 'OMG she just BIOB'd me!!'
'I will ruin you'

#biob #bring #it #on #bitch #bring it on bitch #bring it on #foe #argument #cat fight #bitch brawl
by Toastyno1 November 04, 2010
to "blame it on Bush" as a means of excusing any negative, incompetent or irresponsible action.
Instead of just admitting that she wanted to be with another guy because he was hot, Mary chose to BIOB.
#blame #excuse #george bush #responsibility #obama
by Needing Peace February 15, 2010
A popular political manuvre in the Obama administration, BIOB stands for "Blame it on Bush," and it is the new way for politicians to avoid any resonsibity for their actions. Pronounced "beyob" and used as a verb.
Presidential Advisor: "If they ask about unemployment, border security, the wars in the middle east, or the economy, just BIOB - you know, standard procedure."
#bush #obama #politics #blame #president
by MMars August 12, 2010
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