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If while holding an iPhone 4, you cover up the black strip on the edge causing your signal strength to suddenly plummet.
Steve: Whoa did we just enter a tunnel or something? I have no signal
Jobs: Dude stop giving your phone the death grip.
Steve: Fucking iPhones
by JJHOUSEE July 02, 2010
A man who came up with approximately 50% of all quotes used today.
"Let there be light"

-God famously quoting Mark Twain
by JJHOUSEE September 12, 2010
To "blame it on bush." Generally used to blame current problems on the former George W. Bush presidency.
Guy 1: Another ten thousand gallons an hour what the fuck??

Guy 2: BIOB man
by JJHOUSEE June 30, 2010
The act of being caught behind a semi and being fucked over due to its slow rate of acceleration. It can occur at a traffic light or while being stuck in a lane behind a truck.
1: That semi just pulled out in front of me going 30 on the fucking highway!!

Sounds like you just got truck fucked.

2: I just truck fucked that entire lane by not letting anyone pull out, I'm awesome.

You're a douchebag.
by JJHOUSEE August 14, 2010

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