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(verb) 1. banging hot chicks. 2. a man's life goal.
I can't wait to BHC tonight, nigga'.
by gsex October 11, 2009
Beacon Hill Crew:
The Best Modern WarFare 2 Clan in the World.
Damn BhC get hella headshots.
by jpanda206 December 11, 2009
Bong Hit Competition Where everybody wins who plays. Try to take biggest bong hit possible.
Who's ready for some BHC's I'm ready to get ripped.
by e town represent April 20, 2009
Acronym for Bald Headed Cunt. Vain, arrogant male-thirty-somethings attempting to disguise humiliating premature hairloss via regular use of a bic.

Of a friday night, the average BHC can be found bingedrinking in winebars / theme pubs, wearing collared-and-cuffed shirts, outnumbering females present by approximately 10 to 1.
Whilst watching Gavin Peacock on Footbal Focus: 'Bee-Aitch-See'
by xio December 03, 2004
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