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Acronym for Bald Headed Cunt. Vain, arrogant male-thirty-somethings attempting to disguise humiliating premature hairloss via regular use of a bic.

Of a friday night, the average BHC can be found bingedrinking in winebars / theme pubs, wearing collared-and-cuffed shirts, outnumbering females present by approximately 10 to 1.
Whilst watching Gavin Peacock on Footbal Focus: 'Bee-Aitch-See'
by xio December 03, 2004
Opera singer with a big chin gone poppy pop. Formerly of the Japanese Visual band Malice Mizer.
Xio: "Dude, Klaha's got one hell of a chin."

Tak: "I know."
by xio September 07, 2004

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