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Bald-Headed By Choice. If someone you kno who has never had hair in their life or says they got a perm wen they were little and had lots of hair && tha perm burnt it all off; they are bald headed by choice as they would say... Only cuz they cant say long hair dnt care.
Boy: Girl you needa stop wearin weave, cuz you gettn bald-headed.
Girl: Boy im not bald-headed! I'M BHBC!
Boy: Girl Boo!
by MiiS. GUTT4H August 16, 2009
Big Hairy Butt Crack.
When a man (Or woman...) has an overly hairy butt, so bad that when their crack shows you want to spoon your eyes out.
Person 1: "Hey did you see Tom in History..."
Person 2: "Oh god yes, everyone saw that BHBC"
by Colterson February 23, 2011