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Acronym: Big Gay Anal Friend

Commonly a friend who is very close as to share his asshole with you. Also in reference to homosexuality.
Andrew Mountain is my BGAF. ~Mike Weinstein
by BGAF-Sean December 01, 2007
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Big Goofy Anal Fucker
Damn son, sean lawlor is a bgaf

There are a lot of BGAF in maine (see above)
by seanlawlor April 24, 2010
Acronym for: "Bitches Give A Fuck."

Partially in reference to the more popular, DGAF, It's primarily used when asked whether or not you "give a fuck" and it can be used interchangeably with DGAF. When used it pretty much means "fuck it," and it is usually in reference to why you shouldn't care.
Person 1 - Honestly, at this point, I just don't know if I should hold that against her, should I just let it go?
Person 2 - BGAF homie.
Person 3 - You're right man, I'll just say fuck it.
by Mr. Bledsed September 09, 2009

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