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Acronym for 'Bloody Gorgeous Alert'.
Use when wishing to indicate to friends that a handsome male is in the vicinity.
-"Woh, check out CJ dancing"
-"Yowzer. BGA."
by Jenny Sorry June 06, 2011
Trolling term, used when a team is being pwned, sometimes used to distract the winning team.
"WTF is bga?"
by pillinjer7 December 06, 2009
Stand for the Ball-Grabbing Athletes
Consists of two men going for each other's balls until one of them submits.
i challenge you to the bga!
by Unidentified Black Male February 24, 2011
Expression of struggle or desperation often used at the point of giving up.

Has origins in weightlifting as an unintentional safe word.
Struggling lifter: "guys? GUYS!"

Spotters: "lol."

*arms start to give out*

Lifter: "...BGA!!"

*spotters remove weights*

Spotter: "bga is now the safe word"
by Random8r December 07, 2009
bga used during gaming, means Brilliant Gaming Around
"Took out there entire team."
"Thats due to all the BGA this map"
by UraharaScience December 06, 2009
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