Bitch fuck you to text some one and without fully writing it out just say B.F.U

girl : u gettin on my f'n nerves

Dude : bfu and got to hell
by chindipper215 February 10, 2010
Top Definition
English: Brain Free User
Czech: Bezny Franta Uzivatel
a: how can i change skin in ...
a: what is rtfm?
b: read the fucking manual
a: ???
c: BFU
a: ???
b+c: brain free user
by Vindaloo May 22, 2006
Butt-Fucking Ugly.
Oh man, that car's BFU.
by Shikne November 08, 2008
Bloody fucking user.

Often use to describe someone who uses PC but don't understand it at all.
WTF is that? Some BFU uses IE on my PC.
by noob March 01, 2005
Butt Fucking Ugly; absolutely hideous
"Did you see Kayla's new shoes?"
"You mean those BFU's?"
"Yeah, you saw them. She must shop at Gross-meisters!"
by JC17 October 18, 2008
Butt fucking ugly
She was bfu

He was bfu
by Andrea DGeorge Nor-Cal April 29, 2016
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