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Short for boner for no reason.
Man I was watching wrestling when I got hit with a BFNR!
by Jason August 22, 2004
Bitch For No Reason
pronounced "bif-ner"
That drunk girl Jade was such a BFNR last night.
by vinhsanity January 11, 2009
BFNR is a code word used in high schools. BFRN = Boner for no reason, is when you get a boner (for no specific cause). There is also BFA = Boner for ass, and is exactly what it says.
Dude, she is so hot. I have a BFNR!!
by xSeBaZz January 16, 2016
Abbreviation "Busy For No Reason".

The act of being busy doing something unimportant.
Honey, get the door! I'm fixing my MySpace page!

God, you're being BFNR.
by kiddsfemale September 02, 2009
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