Bitch Face Nancy: A person who is being an ass, annoying, or a bitch.
Stop picking on my younger brother you BFN!
by unfrickenbaleebabble October 28, 2013
A BFN is an abbreviation for "Big Fat Noob." It is usually used in online gaming to describe a newbie.
That guy is such a BFN
by Niftynico June 22, 2011
'Big For Nothing'
"You BFN"
by tjissuperawesome June 19, 2012
an extremely large man (boy) who thinks he is tough but is weak and scared.
he is a bingeeater and is usually found at fast food stores or canteens.
buys large amounts of food and after he has eaten it will ask for some of your food.
also associated with a person who buys large amounts of food and is still hungry.
guy1: hey bro can i have some of your drink?

guy2: didn't i see you eat a shitload of food before?

guy1: nah, bro i ain't a BFN
by snaggy44 November 21, 2011
Abbreviation for Bro Fuck Night. A night during which a bro only gathering takes place, involving wiffle ball, drinking olympics, and other general tom-foolery.
Don't tell Gabe about BFN on Friday, he is not invited.
by WILLOWFOOT May 14, 2011
BFN= Bold, Fresh and New

BFN is a style criterion used for purchasing shirts. BFN was created for people who want to stand out and look classy at the same time. BFN is a legacy of the modern era, where confident, hardworking people can achieve anything.

Bold: You walk into a room and people notice you. Less is more-- stay away from anything too busy. The effect must be subtle or you will look like a complete tool.

Fresh: If you could smell colors, the colors on the BFN shirt would smell like a fresh breeze. Light colors, sometimes combined with contrast for emphasis.

New: Only crisp and modern. Don't go near anything faded, ragged, or wrinkled.
Charles: Alex, you look good man, and you are always surrounded by women. What is your secret?

Alex: BFN
by A.Black May 28, 2012
cool, hottie, sick, swag, basically you're the shit!
Oh dayum, look at that bfn dude over there!
by MuduhFuckah June 29, 2011

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