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This is the secret deffination too what a true friend is. If you have a BESTFRIEND and you have no idea what this means then you obv. arnt bestfriends. People who share this secret code have fun dancing in the rain playing in lotion and just sitting around making the best of what they have. Late walks at niight listening to music and the occasional crab ending up on your shoulder. Yeahh lets just say its basically the deffinations to the bestfriends that walked the earth
like sarah and christine are bfatf
girls who fight endlessless but still cant be apart must be bfatf
loversss mabe can be bfatf
mb girlsss<3 deff are bfatf
all other girls...nah not bfatf
#bum #boobies #crab #nickles #dimes #bestfriends
by chrissyg1026 April 14, 2009
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