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Wnen someone smells like booty,dick and pussy
Damn that bitch smells like bdussy.
by Luis Gonzalez January 11, 2005
100 23
The combined scent of butt, dick, and pussy.
The smell of bdussy gave it away, someone had been fucking in my bed.
by Zigggy September 30, 2006
67 8
noun: the smell that lingers in a room, or on one's body, after sexual intercourse. Contraction of "butt/booty, dick, and pussy."

Pronounced "bee-dussy" ("-dussy" rhymes with "pussy").

Also spelled bedussy.
If your mom's coming over to visit, you better wash the sheets to make sure she doesn't smell b-dussy.

Man, I need to take a shower... I reek of b-dussy!
by fauxbourdon December 07, 2005
54 13
means after nasty sax its a smell that isleft behind (butt,dickand pussy).

when my girl came home she knew i had someone in the house because she said,
why does our bedroom smell like bdussy.
by calvin fort March 14, 2003
38 14
A smell/stank of the combined parts of the butt, dick and pussy. Quite possibly the nastiest smell you will experience. A close (but not exact) likeness is grundel sweat, nutbutter, or new york chinatown sewage in 90% humidity.
"damn yo, your fridge smells like bdussy!"

"dude you need to shower, you smell like bdussy"
by peterkz August 22, 2008
9 7
Bdussy - when a one's breath smells like butt dick n pussy
Talking. To a female with the smell. Damn gurl your breath smell like Bdussy what the fuck.

Just another name to call some one it rolls right of your tongue.... u little bdussy
by SvLB442006 March 11, 2009
5 12