Origin: In which a smaller dog tries to take on bigger dogs

A person who thinks they are capable of beating up bigger people
Sean S.'s trash talk and intimidation was immediately put down by the weightlifter he was trying to pick a fight with
by AGDC May 04, 2004
The kids with Behavior and Disipline problems who hate going to school and yell at teachers.
Some BDs took the batteries out my romote!
by LongLiveRock July 08, 2005
Bang Dem Shits. Carpentry slang for "pound some nails".
We are behind schedule so we really gotta go bang dem shits today.
by Kelley March 20, 2004
Bling Deprivation Syndrome. Upon having to give some sort of bling up, you form a want to have that bling again.
John had BDS when he had to give up his 26'' chrome wheels for the stock 17'' wheels for the winter.
by Patrick Grubb September 27, 2005
Big Dogs, used as
1. an expression of jubilation
2. a greeting
3. an excuse
1. Cubs win!
2. Whats up killa?
3. Dude you just drank the last of the milk!
by WC September 15, 2004

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