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(1) adj. Beat down bitch. Situation whereupon a male is undeniably at the mercy of his girlfriend & answers to her every beck and call, usually followed by the reprioritizing of girlfriend over friends, family, work, food, water, and air. Man that lets the female run his life. Will change plans, make excuses, make up stories, or even flat out lie to protect his position with his female companion. When he does come around the guys, he seems to always be attached at the hip by his female companion. He seems to lose interest in the things he used to live for.
(2) adj. When a guy is sprung high as hell off the pussy, he deserts everything for the pussy and lives for the pussy. Pussy is so good he is willing to take all her shit just to keep it to himself. It is often associated with the effects of crack use. its just so addictive, he cant leave it alone.
Johnny is a BDB! His girl has him so fucking pussy whipped that instead of going hunting and chillin with the boys, he spent his whole weekend at her class reunion trying to make her feel loved. ::insert cracking bull-whip sound HERE::
by LaRadar1 October 10, 2013
"Big dick bastard". A term originating from the roots UC Berkeley. A certain, well-endowed individual who goes by the name "Danny".
10.23.06 - BDB became erect, instantly crushing five. Ensuing "flood" resulted in a dozen more casualties.
- Wu

Damn, look at that BDB nigga!

That bitch is all over the BDB tonight.
by hamhamsam December 01, 2006
Big Dick Bandit
What's up BDB?
Yo what's up my nigga
by bigdickbanditOHYEA July 26, 2010
Baby Daddy Bull Shit
this is the male equivilant of Baby Momma Drama
When the father of your child causes you excessive trouble, pain, emotional stress, and annoyance.
Sara: Ben has been an asshole to me all week and he's causing my morning sickness to act up.

Ashley: Girl that is some serious BDBS
by babymomma91 December 23, 2009
Basic Dumb Bitch
Me: I wasn't sure if I was drowning in the pool or not. I jst started panicking because I was freaking out. Lmao
Friend: Well you got us cracking up BDB
by CPM159 January 26, 2014
Birthday Bops
Paul: Hey Danielle, can i have a BDB?
by XCTIM December 31, 2011
A bdb refers to a person who obsesses over having a giant cock. He goes around considering himself the big dick bandit.

However, the truth behind the BDB is that he is a bandit who steals big dicks.

A BDB is usually always a male with an aggressive manly name such as Bronson or any other name in that category.
Dude that guy is such a BDB, he thinks he has a huge 13 inch dick but thats all he steals.
by The BDB August 08, 2010
Big Dick Bastard. One who isn't overly proud of but definitely carries around a big dick of 9+ inches.
Damn, if I had a huge cock like that I sure as hell wouldn't mind being called a B.D.B. and would probably show it off any time someone asked to see it.
by Henry P. May 29, 2008