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From BC, standing for "Before Christ" but for politically correct reasons has been changed to BCE, meaning "Before the Common Era". Refers to the time before Jesus's birth. See also, CE
I wasn't born in 1988 BCE you idiot, I was born in 1988 CE.
by Urban Dictionary October 25, 2004
BCE = Before Common Era.
CE = Common Era.

These two abbreviations have been used as replacements for B.C. and A.D.
Something I find funny is that while these abbreviations have been chosen as non religious alternatives, one could use the word BCE to mean, Before Christian Era, and CE to mean Christian Era.
by Dancing with Fire September 15, 2011
Biggest Cunt Ever
Dude, your girlfriend dumped you two weeks before Christmas AND returned your gifts? She is definitely the BCE.
by Lerxst68 April 26, 2014
online gaming clan. stands for Best Clan Ever. also known as Biggest Cats Ever. meow.
foodnaptime on xbox live is a member of the online gaming clan BCE.
by foodnaptime March 22, 2008
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