Be back very soon. Halfway between be right back and be back soon.
Hey man, I'm going out to get some lunch, bbvs.
by TurboPhoenix September 11, 2009
Top Definition
Brags, Beats, and Variance

A common format of poker discussion, where one mentions something that went well (a brag), something that went poorly (a beat), and something that was unusual (some variance)
Check out the BBV thread on 2+2.
by CellBlock January 18, 2007
aka: Balls, Balls, Vagina. A game that involves one player doing whatever they can to disguise their groin area, and in turn people, usually blindfolded, try to guess if their touching balls, or a vagina (hence: balls, balls, vagina). Usually played when everyone is intoxicated.
Steve: Did you guys end up going to the bar last night?

Johnny: No, we were all too drunk so we decided to just stay at Steph's and play BBV instead.

Steve: What the hell is that?

Johnny: Balls, Balls, Vagina.
by RJ1817 August 23, 2010
Blood Belching Vagina or a person whos vagina is so loose that "belches" blood all the time or that person always is having their period. This can also be used to insult people.
Matt: y dont u go suck some more dick
Vanessa: at least im not a BBV
Matt: Shit how'd u kno
by FroshieFromMHHS July 15, 2005
Invented by the one and only bobby
bo: "we should do it"
me: "why?"
bo: "because bbv wants us too"
by Fitzy December 13, 2004
It means anything and everything.
BBV is life!
Do it
Cause BBV comands it.
by Fitzy December 13, 2004
Blood Borne Virus. E.g. Hepatitis B, HIV etc.
The rate of BBV infection in population X is...
by Oligarch May 23, 2016
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