bald before marriage
early onset balding...bbm
by BabyEagle September 27, 2009
an acronym for "big black man"
"look Brad, that BBM looks like he has a nipple on his head!"
by February 16, 2007
A strong soldier, brave at heart, and a war legend.
Nobody is as good as BBM
by Mike December 18, 2004
Acronym standing for "Big Beautiful Men"
The male form of a BBW.
Lucy: I Love BBMs.
Kevin: What are those?
Lucy: Big Beautiful Men.
by -=[DeTeRMiNaTioN]=- July 31, 2009
"Best Boy Mate", often found in girls' instant messenger screen names.
Alex = BBM <3. Luv ya mate <3
by alexanderhowe4 April 14, 2008
an abbreviation for the Burn Bank Mafia
the BBM runs deep in the ACDH
by Darkquilius April 02, 2008
The politically correct way to say that something is "gay", especially in a liberal environment where people easily catch feelings. Not to be confused with homosexual. Derived from the movie "Brokeback Mountain." BBM is an acronym similar to JK, ROFL, LMFAO, and TTYL. Brokeback can be used amongst friends, and BBM can be used amongst those who take things too seriously.
"That V-nack shirt is BBM."
"Guys who wear flip flops are totally BBM."
by Con Ed December 05, 2006

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