Big Black Man
Usually talking about a sexy, classy black man.
Look at that BBM over there. They sure don't make them like they used to.
by lemony765 April 05, 2011
blackberry messaging.
My sick blackberry curve that i got from blovi. Blovi used his blackberry to get a bbm from Kevin.
by PatrickO December 12, 2007
Benjamin Banneker Middle School is probably the worst fucking school ever. Its filled with faggots, ghetto people, but pretty much just a shit load of black people. White people Asian people an Indian people are the minorities. All the white girls are ugly and pretty much all black girls have huge asses and if your a black girl with a small ass, ur not cool.
Wow lets not go to BBMS cuz im Asian
by itsamuds April 14, 2009
To send a message to someone VIA BlackBerry Messenger. It could be a message using text, or could include a voice note as well as a picture.
"Did you get my BBM?"
by mgmp October 14, 2008
commonly confused for bring back michael (Michael Jackson). Really, it is talking about Baked By Melissa. The best cupcakes since SPRINKLES.
Did you try that red velvet cupcake from BBM? Your girlfriend will try and steal it from you-- so eat quickly!!!
by hornygeek June 11, 2013
"Butterfinger Bang Me". An expression used to indicate a moment of self loathing, usually followed up by ingesting one or more Butterfingers in an attempt to cause physical harm to one's body.
I forgot my phone at home today...BBM
by Ambidreezy March 01, 2012
When a guy is in blue ball mode.

He'll go for anything. No exceptions.
Ronny was BBM'ing on Saturday night and got with the duff of the group.
by ivan1234 September 17, 2010

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