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BITCHES BETTER BE DRUNK! A term that arises when there is an intense anticipation of celebration which consumes ones soul. There are normally only two options after this term is said. The first being that bitches better actually be drunk, and if not, the one who originally stated the term, will leave. It was coined by Araza circa. 2009
DP: dudee im fuckin amped!
Adam: if you gotta blue hat wit adam and j-creez in the baack u must be a biitch
DP: boutt ta get wiiicked
Araza: BITCHES BETTER BE DRUNK!..or im fuckin leaving. BBBD son!
by rastaysballin September 24, 2009

Bulletin Board Back Door


A double entendre referring to the killing of, or stealing from, the character of a close friend on a bulletin board system door such as Legend of the Red Dragon or Usurper.

BBBD-ing was responsible for a wave of Jr. High and High School fallings out among certain social circles throughout the 1990's.
I'm going to need my Magic Cards back, you totally BBBD'd me last night.

I can't believe I gave that guy the phone number and then he BBBD's me.
by War Dialer September 02, 2008
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