Keyword for "Big Bouncing Boobs", while in the middle of a bunch of friends.

Can be used as a name, or an adjective
He: "You have such a BBB"
She: "What do you mean?"
He: "Nothing, nothing.. The weather is cold isn't it?"
by Sprinklz November 19, 2007
Bitches being Bitches
You: Our neighbor was is very anal

by slimatvo October 19, 2009
Bored Beyond Belief

When you are so bored, you are going mad.
All my friends are away for the summer, and I have not seen any of them for a week. ARGH!! I am BBB!
by RealCRidge March 15, 2008
Broke Back Berryessa - what happens when the sales guys cram into a small houseboat for 3 days
In order to avoid BBB, I am going to bring an air mattress and sleep on the roof.
by lift October 04, 2007
(also known as Triple B)- Bad Butt Beer. A beer that gives you butt problems the next day.
"I don't drink that Premium, its BBB!"
by Robert Marbury August 01, 2007
Breeding, Brains and Beauty
In the movie Rebecca (Alfred Hitchcock, 1940) Max the Winter said his wife had BBB...
by Luiz Rombauer November 26, 2006
Bitches Being Bitches
Whats wrong man? Oh you know. BBB. Oh. I hear you.
by Aeatherr March 07, 2012

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