It's an acronym for "Beer, bud and bounce".

It's when you go to a party, you grab the beer, you grab the bud and you 'bounce' (as in to leave the party!).

It can also mean "Beer, Bud, Bitches" but that's mostly for guys.
A: Maia: "Yeo did you hear about the party tonight? We out!"

Gaby: "Let's BBB"

B: Rafael: "Are you going to the party tonight?"

Milos: "Obviously, there's gonna be BBB".
by looviingthejane October 05, 2011
acronym for "baked beyond belief". usually occurs when one reaches the state of being so high that all you can do is watch tv, laugh and eat. used over text to describe last night/last weekend/3+ hours ago.
sam: how was last night
joe: dude i was BBB
sam: yeah i was wondering where all my graham crackers went
by an on amous October 02, 2011
B- Best
B- Bed
B- Buddy

Someone who is in ur group of friends thats cocky and u share dirty jokes with. You also joke about fucking this person
girl- ugh!
boy- thats not what you said last night ;)
girl- well thats when we were naughty ;)
boy- u know your my naughty girl
girl- i know. Im ur BBB
by Ricky's Babby mamma July 26, 2011
"Big Beautiful Bill". Alternate to "Bear": slang for a large gay man that may or may not be hirsute.
Is it just me, or is Canada filled with BBBs?
by Concerned Citizen #8 May 07, 2011
BBB a short form for blah blah bullshit
man1: hey see that sick girl

man2: yea that's totally BBB
by vizoo May 04, 2011
B.itches. B.e B.ullshitting.
A terrible disease. That more then half of women are sick with it.
as many claim or Say they will do something..
but they dont, or never do.
Say their this, and that but they ain't.
Mannn she ain't talkin about shit. She's a part of BBB
by MasonRy January 07, 2011
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