BBB=Baby Back Bullshit
This is some BBB right here!
by Cjayjayjay March 12, 2009
Big Black Beautiful
Did you see that guy...he was BBB
by V.I. Chick January 10, 2009
Brothers Before Bitches
- Hey man, that's my girl!
- Dude? She's mine!
- Fuck it, brothers before bitches (BBB)
by Triple-P October 14, 2008
Big Butt Buddy.
Fat Ass Friend
Hey BBB, I heard you are going to the GYM.
I think that awesome, so you lose some weight.
by EL_Ninja_Enfermo September 16, 2008
Bowls Before Bed. The night time version of Wake N Bake.
Hey you wanna smoke some BBB?
by PazzleDazzle August 27, 2008
Bad Bad Bad as in lousy, crappy
This radio programme is bbb, I think I'll watch television.

Who's up for football?
by Binfordman August 26, 2008
Bad Bad Bad - as in terrible, awful, shitty and bad (used in IRC chats/text msg)
This radio programme is bbb! I think I'm going to watch a movie on the tele or the Cleveland Browns football game.
by Binfordman August 19, 2008

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