Big Black Beautiful
Did you see that guy...he was BBB
by V.I. Chick January 10, 2009
Bad Bad Bad - as in terrible, awful, shitty and bad (used in IRC chats/text msg)
This radio programme is bbb! I think I'm going to watch a movie on the tele or the Cleveland Browns football game.
by Binfordman August 19, 2008
one of the nickname of brad delson, guitariste of linkin park. BBB stands for big bad brad
brad signed as bbb on my linkin park album.
by marimari July 16, 2008
New politicaly incorect term little red riding hooty's who now has a big, bad...booty!
Little red riding hood enters grannies house and the wolf asks her if that is her BBB?
by Tanya Navarro April 22, 2008
Keyword for "Big Bouncing Boobs", while in the middle of a bunch of friends.

Can be used as a name, or an adjective
He: "You have such a BBB"
She: "What do you mean?"
He: "Nothing, nothing.. The weather is cold isn't it?"
by Sprinklz November 19, 2007
Broke Back Berryessa - what happens when the sales guys cram into a small houseboat for 3 days
In order to avoid BBB, I am going to bring an air mattress and sleep on the roof.
by lift October 04, 2007
big black balls. balls that are big and black.
john: hey do you like sucking bbb?

rob: yeah, the bigger the better
by zarzab man May 04, 2007

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