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Acronym for Born Again White Nigger.

A white guy who at one point in his life lived a normal white man life, but at some point became "born again" into the fairest skinned black man you have ever met.

A wigger.
Leo really turned into a BAWN after he started listening to HIP HOP every second of every day.
by T Ryan November 12, 2007
outstanding, extraordinary, an adjective used to describe someone
that chick was bawn!
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
A mixed breed with Shih Tzu and Japanese Spitz characteristics. A Bawn loves to eat to the extent that it cannot stand up anymore. A human trapped in a dog's body
Oh my, what an intelligent dog. That must be a Bawn!
by D697 March 23, 2012
A yawn-burp combo. The sound occasionally made by air being trapped in one's throat while yawning.
I laughed at the weird sound she made on the phone. Turns out it was just a bawn.
by theBIGaggie July 18, 2011