Neville Longbottom. 'Nuff said. What a badass motherfucker.
- Have you heard about Neville Longbottom? -
- The one who killed the snake? -
- Yeah, he's such a B.A.M.F., right?
by TheWeaselette May 02, 2010
Bad Ass Mother Fucker. First heard after listening to the greatest comedian of today, Dane Cook, on his C.D., "Retaliation."
I felt like a total BAMF today after I punched that jackass in the face.
by Trey Parker August 01, 2005
Ok this is to clear up the wrongly used definition that Samuel Jackson had BAMF on his wallet in Pulp Fiction. It actually only said Bad Mother Fucker...which is way fucking cooler than bad ass mother fucker. Sticking the ass in there is about as gay as the word illustrates.
Proper use of this phrase would go a little more like this...
-Oh dood you're a B.A.M.F...

-Shut the fuck up bitch (bitch slap the idiot who said bamf). I'm a bad mother fucker and you don't know shit.

by Hunter Black May 19, 2007
Originally started by marvel comics for the character Nightcrawler. Every time he transported the letters BAMF appeared. BAMF stood for BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER!! Because thats what Nightcrawler was.... A BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER!!!
He was right here, then next thing I new BAMF, gone!!!!!!
by Big Daddy D. April 24, 2007
bad ass mother fucker
sirius black is such a BAMF because he escaped azkaban, fooled the ministry, Harrys god father, james un-offical brother, is really sexy, is an animagas
by Fhockeybabe June 23, 2010
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