A Bad Ass Mother Fucker.

You must be super hardcore or super cool to get this nickname. Often times when something awesome has just been done by someone, you can yell out something like "Man, that guy's a BAMF!"

Watch the movie The Warriors.
They are hardcore BAMF's.
"Holy shit! Nick Rodriguez just hit that guy in the face with a wooden bat!"
"Yeah, he's a BAMF."
by Sara Lapp February 26, 2007
Bad. Ass. Mother. Fucker.
That Kevin Driver is a BAMF!
by WOT_247 May 03, 2006
Bad Ass MotherFucker
My friend just got arrested for drugs he is a B.A.M.F
by K Street Wrath March 22, 2015
Big Angry Meaty Female
you're mom is a bamf!

rosie o'donnell is such a bamf!
by Smoking Okking Joking July 11, 2011
Bad Ass Mother Fucker.
Alex Kingston is a complete BAMF
by Fuck Yeah I'm A Whovian June 12, 2011
B(ad) A(ss) M(other) F(ucker). This is a term used for extremely sexy or generally fuckin awesome people. Use this term sparingly, because not many people deserve to be called a B.A.M.F.
Nikolai Fraiture of the Strokes is such a B.A.M.F. He is not only sexy, hot and hilarious, but he is the bad ass bass player. Your mom wishes he would fuck her.
by nikoiswaymorebamfthanyou June 11, 2011
Bad Ass Mother Fucker

- A person who wastes away their life studying in a library
Carl is one BAMF, he spent the whole day in the library his text book started to adhere to the desk!
by StudyLess March 18, 2010

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