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1.Boston's Breakfast of Champions.
2.Bostonian for Beer.
My father used to be a Hood Milkman with a delivery truck and route and he would bring home the 5 gallon containers and it would piss my mother off when I would drink it all so she would bair my cereal.
by TheMadman1 November 15, 2009
5 9
another word for sexy or hot
"Hot damn, he's so bair."
by Julia's gay friend March 14, 2005
44 18
1: good

2: alot

3: very
"dis blad was ge'in bair vex boy!"

"you go' bair knives blad!"

"dat is bair!"
by pronagermizer June 16, 2005
11 9
short for butt-hair.
what happens to you when you laugh and cry at the same time.
Man, I was laughing so hard at the comedy show that I cried. Then suddenly my butt started ta' itch!
by Eric April 19, 2005
9 30