Beat As Fucking Shit
the most extreme level of beat-ness
dude you look BAFS, what happened to you
by cjlr November 16, 2008
Top Definition
Acronym of Bored as Fuck.
Can also be used as BAFF - Bored as Fucking Fuck.
Describes a state of extreme boredom.
I'm BAF today!
by a9on87 September 07, 2005
Backwards Ass Fuck. When someone is supreme dumbass idiot, they reach BAF status...
Cletus is going over to hit on that girl and the B.A.F. doesn't even see that herpes fired up on her lip.
by KnoxHockey November 28, 2006
Bored As Fuck. An quick and convenient way of telling someone that you're bored and have nothing to do.
I've been sitting in class for 2 hours staring at slides from the French Revolution, listening to my monotone teacher talk about her favorite war hero - BAF!
by JustinKF September 20, 2010
acronym; stands for Bored As F--k

He was B.A.F because he couldn't go play pool.

Man, I went out with that chick and was BAF the whole time.
by Boomer December 21, 1999
Broke As Fuck - Having no money at all.
I'm BAF until the end of the month when my salary comes.
by AAdonis October 03, 2012
Boring As Fuck
You think Tosh.0 is hilarious, but it's actually B.A.F.
by Someguy50 May 30, 2012
abbr. for Black And Fat, typically describing a big fat black man. He should be at least 250 lb, and at least 5'9.
Marni! That UPS BAF guy is sooooo hot!!!
by I know a BAF when I see one May 01, 2012
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