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Descibes everything good; or aything that look cool sweet ect...or ANY SITUATION

(by Clint Howell)
That girl looks BA-DANG!
by Clint Howell December 17, 2008
use in any context, anytime.
badang that was nuts; this better be badang
by lukey coollett March 24, 2010
Used to describe the sight of a large pair of breasts.
"Man those knockers were big. They were going like BADANG BADANG BADANG"
by Dr. Lei January 15, 2012
Ba-dang is the sound that my HANDA makes when my vtec pops.
DAYUM BRO! Did you hear that handa cavic, his shit went mmmm ba-danGGGGGG! When his vtec kicked on.
by Traxxasx January 13, 2012

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