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A name that people name imaginary people, or call themselves. They think it is the funniest thing ever, when it is actually just stupid. These people should not be encouraged. They should be stabbed in the eye instead.
Person 1 (giggly and laughy): Hey, my name is Bob.
Person 2: *sets Person 1 on fire*
by The Zookeeper August 02, 2005
1159 955
The most awe inspiring name in existance. Think of any historical feat in existance and he's done it. The first name that pops into your head, for obvious reasons. All hail he who is known as Bob.
Me: "Hey Bob! You rock!"

Bob: "I know, I know"
by Sir Bob March 27, 2008
477 276
A word used in place of 'God'. When used, it often has hilarious results
Holy Bob!!!!

Well, thank Bob!!!!

Oh, Bob!!!!

Bob dammit!!!
by Bob882 September 07, 2004
1484 1293
A word to say when some stranger asks for your name. Very entertaining results.
Stranger: Hey, kid, what's your name?

Kid: Bob.
by jelloboy307 April 20, 2010
241 130
stands for battery operated boyfriend, a dildo
Cindy got stood up for her date, so she whipped out her B.O.B
by Obi-Wan December 15, 2003
280 175
(AKA Bobby Ray) A new rapper that has hits "airplanes" and "nothing on you". hes a very good rapper and better than any rapper out there now. (except jay z and eminem)
I just got B.O.B's new album! (ya know the adventures of Bobby Ray) It's kick ass!

by dude-im-cool-43 July 08, 2010
160 91
1) Another word for hot.

2) Can also be used as suggestive eyebrows.
1) Man, you're looking bob today.

2) Person 1 : I want to see you in my room.

Person 2 : (bob)
by Timmy Tomina June 25, 2009
275 206