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A list or group of the ones that are not as not as desired, admired or well known as those on the A-list. Usually used when describing actors.
e.g. A B-list actor usually cannot afford to turn down as many roles as a mega star can.
by Maggie H January 04, 2005
On Flavor of Love, contestant New York's ignorant pronunciation of "bliss."
Flav lemme know what time it is, and, you know (dramatic sigh and convenient eye-watering) I am in blist.
by nielle October 01, 2006
Everyone knows what a blister is, but the suffix -er implies that is must do the preceding word, hence blist.

Blist- v. To severely hurt a living thing in any manner.
Blister- n. Anything that unavoidably hurts people.

Acceptable variations: Blisted and blisting.
"Oy, I'm going to straight blist ya, mate."
"Okay, okay! You're funny. Stop with the pinching you're blisting me."
"You have to put that dog down, he's a blister."
by walletfullof1s February 22, 2015
A list of things you must do in a given day that are undesirable, boring, or consume precious time which you could otherwise use to tackle more important matters.

A collection of subpar items, people, concepts with negative valence attached to them.
I got a blist of shit to do today, so I dont have time to make dinner.

My boss gave me some blists today to keep me busy, but i still managed to find time to piss in his coffee.

There are a blist of applicants to interview tomorrow, i don't think ill hire a single one.
by binomex June 27, 2013
A list written as an addition to your personal blog.
I usually whine about what's wrong in my life, but today I will give you a blist.

-wash dishes
-walk dog
-do Tae-Bo
by cerraphine June 08, 2011
A derogatory term for a person/group of people who think they are 'all that', but are in fact not.
John's so fucking B-list!
Check out those B-list cunts.
by James Dean January 06, 2005
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